Lay back, be natural, and let’s take some pictures

Engagement photoshoot vineyard Connecticut couple at sunset at Gouveia

Our approach


Reach out

Let's chat! Tell us what you're looking for and when. If we are booking a photoshoot we can chat it out over text or email. If it's a wedding, we'll schedule a call to dive into all the details.


Book it

Let's do this! If you've worked with us before, this will be easy, and we'll take payment on or before the date of shooting. If we're finalizing your wedding, you'll receive our contract, send a payment, and we'll lock in your date. Then we can talk setting up your complimentary engagement photoshoot, too!


Picture time

Let's shoot! Don't worry about a thing - it's easier than it looks, and we are here to help you with poses, outfits, places, and ideas. We will make you feel as comfortable as can be, and don't forget to send us your Pinterest inspo! Feel free to bring your pup, a blanket, champagne, or any other appropriate props.


Delivering photos

Let's take a look! We typically send your edited pictures within a few days for photoshoots, and within 4-8 weeks for weddings depending on the season and coverage. There will be dozens 0f edited shots for shoots and usually around 1,000 for weddings, all delivered in a digital gallery for you to enjoy, share, and download.


This is my first photoshoot, what should I know?

To relax and enjoy! More than anything we strive to keep you as you are, being relaxed, carefree, and genuine. We will take posed photos - and help you - plus candid and aesthetic shots. Everyone is nervous (it's not just you!) but you will be happy by the end of our time and with the results.

What should I wear?

We can always discuss this with you, and we're more than happy to help review your options. In general, wearing similar colors, tones, and styles works well, without matching too closely. Neutrals are always wonderful. Avoid any noticeable brands, logos, and writing on clothing. Dressing for the season is a great choice as well, in style and color.

How many pictures will I receive, and when?

The typical photoshoot includes dozens of edited photos - sometimes over 100 - delivered digitally within a few days. For weddings, you'll receive over 1,000 within a month or two, depending on the season and our schedule.

Are you available anywhere?

In short, yes! If you're in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, we're basically neighbors. We travel frequently to Florida, Washington DC, throughout New England, and so on. We love the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, too!

Can you help with selecting a location?

We have so many beautiful spots for you to visit with us, from parks and gardens to beaches and forests. If there's something specific you want, we have it - in every season and for all the vibes. We've worked at dozens of the best wedding venues, too, and can help you narrow down the selections for your day.

What about the weather?

Nearly every day is a wonderful day to shoot! Sunny skies are great for later afternoons and evenings. Cloudy days diffuse light and are wonderful whenever. Light rain and snow can be wonderful to enjoy. If it's basically a hurricane, we can always reschedule, no cost! When it comes to weddings, we can win over any weather - we even have umbrellas for you.